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Lunch Program

Schaumburg Christian School does not offer on-site lunches for our students in grades K5-12. Students can order through our partnership with Marla's Lunch or may bring a hot lunch from home. Microwaves are available in the 4th - 12th grade cafeteria for students who bring lunches from home. Students using the microwaves should be sure their lunch is in a microwavable container.

Marla's Lunch

Schaumburg Christian School has partnered with Marla's Lunch to provide our students with daily meal options throughout the year. Marla's Lunch has done a wonderful job selecting local restaurants and vendors to provide our students with a variety of meal options to order from. Meals are made and delivered daily. Orders must be made on the Tuesday prior of week. SCS does participate in Marla's Lunch "Give Back" program which provides SCS $0.50 per order received. 
Please contact Marla's Lunch with any questions or concerns. 


Marla's Lunch

Phone: 224-269-0068

Technical Support

Phone: 800-381-6511

Lunch FAQ