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SCS has four bands each represent a graduated level of training.
  • Beginning Band offers students in 4th–6th grades an opportunity to play one of the basic instruments of the woodwind, brass, or percussion family. No prior knowledge of music is required.
  • Elementary (Intermediate) Band allows students in 5th and 6th grades to continue to develop instrumental skills. 
  • 7th-8th grade Band is a continuation of the Elementary Band and offers more opportunity for performances and training.
  • Senior High Band provides advanced instruction in band performance and provides many opportunities to perform throughout the year. 

Band Directors

Timothy White

Fine Arts Director, SH Director
847-885-3230 ext. 3050



Edward Recinos

Elementary & JH Director
847-885-3230 ext. 3050



Instrument Lessons

The SCS School of Fine Arts is proud to offer instruction in piano, voice, brass, woodwinds, strings and percussion instruments to our current students. 

Music Lessons