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Honors Courses

Honors courses are more rigorous than regular college preparatory courses. Honors courses are developed to meet the needs of talented and academically motivated students who want to be challenged at a level beyond the traditional college preparatory course.
Honors courses usually parallel the curriculum offered in the corresponding college preparatory class but also provide additional academic challenges. Honors classes give students a deeper, more thorough knowledge of the subject matter. The work load of the honors class will be more strenuous than that of the traditional class, but significant benefits can be obtained.
Honors courses offer many advantages and are worth the extra effort required. Students in honors classes will be more challenged academically, will be exposed to advanced subject matter, can dramatically increase their GPA, can help strengthen their chances for admission to college, and may also be better prepared to succeed in college. If honors courses are offered at a high school, most colleges expect serious candidates to enroll in honors courses. The strong academic preparation provided by honors courses in high school will generally increase a student’s level of success in college.