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College Dual-Credit

Schaumburg Christian School enhances our high school course offerings by partnering together with Maranatha Baptist University, Liberty University, and Grand Canyon University.  Through our partnerships with these universities, SCS is able to offer a significant number of online dual credit courses for SCS high school students.
Dual credit courses are college courses taken in high school where credit is earned simultaneously for both high school and college.
What are the primary advantages of completing dual credit courses?
Completion of dual credit courses provides several important advantages.
-Earn college credit and high school credit through the same courses
-Get a head start on college while fulfilling high school graduation requirements
-Gain confidence in dealing with college level work
-Learn the rigors of college work before having to deal with the total college experience
-Demonstrate college level ability when applying for admission to college
-Transfer the credits to the college/university of your choice
-Reduce time in college
-Significantly reduce college tuition costs

“Dual credit helped me personally graduate high school with 60 college credits at a fraction of the normal college cost. This also helped me shorten my college program from 4 years to 1 1/2 years.”
Anthony Falco JR.
HS-2022 BA-Dec 2023

Dual-Credit FAQ