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Biblical Worldview

A worldview is a framework of beliefs, values, assumptions, and perspectives through which people interpret and understand the world. Every person has a worldview, and every school, whether they acknowledge it or not, also has a worldview and promotes that worldview to their students.

Schaumburg Christian School’s worldview is rooted in the Bible and the belief that God is the creator of the universe and the ultimate source of truth and meaning. In our teaching, we emphasize the importance of faith, biblical values, and moral character development, with the goal of fostering a personal relationship with God. 

Our academic curriculum integrates our biblical worldview into all subjects, enabling students to learn math, English, science, and history through a biblical lens and encouraging them to apply Christian principles to their lives and their interactions with others. 

Our goal is to cultivate students who not only excel academically but also strive to live according to Christian values, serve others, and make a positive impact on society for God’s glory.