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Schaumburg Christian School is recognized by the Illinois State Board of Education and accredited with The American Association of Christian Schools, The North American Christian School Accrediting Agency, The National Council for Private School Accreditation, and Cognia. 
The curriculum at SCS is college preparatory, offering courses in English, Math, Foreign Language, Social Studies, Sciences, Bible, Technology, Physical Education, Health, and Fine Arts (vocal and instrumental music). Our academic program is augmented with a variety of extras to provide the students with a well-rounded and accelerated educational experience. Student academic achievement is assessed annually through nationally standardized achievement testing programs.
In order to lay a strong foundation of literacy, phonics-based reading instruction is given from preschool through second grade. The elementary curriculum emphasizes studies in mathematics, English, spelling, vocabulary, literature, science, history, handwriting, foreign language, and technology. Hands-on learning projects and practice drills are combined to enhance instruction. Classes in art, music, physical education, Spanish, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) complete the well-rounded academic program.
During the transition years of middle school, students experience classes and activities designed to solidify and increase academic skills, develop critical thinking skills, grow spiritually, and serve others. Students enjoy learning in an atmosphere that fosters academic growth, promotes teamwork, and builds school spirit.

Academic Principals

Jeni Deyoung

Assistant Administrator, K3-3 
847-885-3230 ext. 6019


Melissa moehring

Principal, 4-8
847-885-3230 ext. 3023

Mark Mcvey

Associate Administrator, 9-12
847-885-3230 ext. 3030