Tuition & Fees

Tuition and Fees

Schaumburg Christian School receives its income from tuition and fees and does not receive any income from state or federal funds. Parents are asked to pay their tuition and fees when due. Delinquent payments may be cause for suspension. 

If a student attends one day or more of school during any month, the full month's tuition will be owed. Students who are suspended, expelled, or withdrawn from school will receive no refund for the portion of the month they did not attend

For your convenience school payments can be set up to be paid automatically from a checking account or a credit or debit card account.


2017-2018 Pre-3's, Preschool 3's, and Preschool 4's Tuition and Fee Schedule

2017-2018 Kindergarten through 12th Grade Tuition and Fee Schedule