Mascot & Logo

Crest Symbolism

The three elements of our school crest are the Shield, the Bible, and the Torch. Each of these has a specific meaning:
  1. The Shield represents the shield of faith in Ephesians 6:16. Through faith we become a child of God, and by faith we are sanctified. This Shield also protects us from Satan’s fiery arrows and comforts us in times of trial.
  2. The Bible is the second element. It’s the only book to which we can turn for Truth. Therefore, it’s the foundation of every academic subject and extracurricular activity at SCS.
  3. The final element is the Torch. This represents academic learning. By God’s grace, our students have achieved great academic success in their classroom assignments, inter-school competitions, and standardized tests.

School Mascot

The Conqueror

School Colors

Orange and White