Lunch Program

Pre-3's - Second Grade Lunch Program

Hot meals are made fresh each day providing a balanced menu of protein, vegetable, fruit and a dessert. Milk is served as the beverage.

Parents can sign up their children for this program by speaking to the classroom teacher or by completing a Lunch Program Sign-Up Form. You may view Frequently Asked Questions about the lunch program below.

Pre-3's - Kindergarten Lunch Menu

1st-2nd Grade Lunch Menu

3rd–12th Grade Lunch Program

A selection of hot and cold items is available each day from which the students can select. You may view the full menu by clicking on the link below. Microwaves are available in the cafeteria for students who bring lunches from home. Students using the microwaves should be sure their lunch is in a microwavable container.

3rd-12th Grade Lunch and Snack Menu

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Lunch Program

For children in Pre-3's through second grade who are not signed up for the lunch program and forget their lunch, will receive a cheese sandwich and sides. Your school bill will be charged $4.50 for this emergency lunch. This service should only be used in the event of an emergency.

For children in third grade through twelfth grade, your child will receive a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, milk, and chips. Your school bill will be charged $4.00. This service should only be used in the event of an emergency and not to be used as an alternative because the child does not like what he brought that day.
Students must sign up for the monthly lunch program through their teacher. The fee is based on the number of school days in the month multiplied by $4.00 a day. You may not cancel in the middle of the month.

You must cancel the lunch plan before the first of the following month for billing purposes. No credits will be given for absences.
Please review the extended care portion of this website for information and details regarding the various extended care plans.
Because we are a Christian school, we are not granted federal funding to support an extended lunch program. Therefore, we do not provide foods for special diets or vegetarians. If your child is signed up for the lunch program, please carefully read the lunch menu for that month and determine if it is suitable for your child. If it is not, your child will need to bring a lunch from home. This program is not recommended for children with special dietary requirements, vegetarians, or food allergies.
If your child has a specific food allergy, please complete a Food Allergy Action Plan so that the staff will know how to react in the event of an allergic reaction. Also, please inform your child's teacher of the allergy.