Art Program

The Art Program at Schaumburg Christian School is currently offered to students in Kindergarten - 12th grades through three different opportunities. First, students in grades 1st-6th have regular art classes as part of their curriculum providing them an opportunity to express their creativity. By using their motor skills and imagination, these students showcase their artistic talents through the various projects done throughout the school year. Secondly, students in 1st-6th grades may also participate in an Inner-School Art Contest. Lastly, for students in Kindergarten - 12th grades who desire to go a little deeper in their art knowledge and to experience various mediums, there is an After-School Art Program offered with private and group lessons. See below for more information on both the Inter-School Art Contest and the After-School Art Program.

A highlight for the Art students is the annual SCS fall and spring art shows. Students in 4th-12th grades participating in the fall art show also have the opportunity to be selected to compete in the Illinois Association of Christian Schools state competitions which occur in the spring. Senior High students winning on the state level will then go on to compete at the national level. The national competition is sponsored by the American Association of Christian Schools and takes place at Bob Jones University in Greenville, South Carolina.

Questions or comments reqarding the SCS art program can be directed to:

Mrs. Teresa Bliss, Art Instructor

Office Email:

Office Phone:  1-847-885-3230 ext. 3035

Personal Phone: 1-847-858-8524 

Art Instructor Mrs. Bliss

The art instructor at Schaumburg Christian School is Mrs. Teresa Bliss. Mrs. Bliss has taught at Schaumburg Christian School for nine years, and has taught for over 25 years prior to working at Schaumburg Christian. Mrs. Bliss teaches art to students from 1st - 6th grade in Schaumburg Christian School every other week as part of the school curriculum. Mrs. Bliss also mentors the Junior High and Senior High students throughout the school year and helps them prepare for the IACS state competition. Mrs. Bliss also offers art lesson for Jr. & Sr. High students who want to advance in their artistic skills.

Art Calendar and Forms

Art Calendar 2017-2018  Elementary Art Contest  After-School Art Program

The after-school art program contains five levels. 

  • The beginner level is for those who want to have fun and enjoy doing more art projects.
  • Intermediate I will give students the opportunity to receive instructions and learn techniques on the different mediums.
  • Intermediate II is a teaching course for students who want an in-depth study of various mediums.
  • Advanced I is for students with advanced artistic skills who want to concentrate on specific artistic mediums.
  • Advanced II allows students to concentrate on either one medium or up to three mediums. The advanced level provides students with the opportunity to concentrate on a specific medium and learn the medium more in-depth.

To register for the after-school art program, please complete one of the  After-School Art Registration Forms and return it by email or hard copy to the school office or to Mrs. Bliss. Be sure to choose the level of art class and if it is for a semester or full year. One form needs to be filled out for each child. Accurate contact information (parent's phone and email) is greatly appreciated for proper communication of student's assigned lesson time and dates as well as class information throughout the year.

2017-2018 Art Registration Form - Beginner and Intermediate 
2017-2018 Art Registration Form - Advanced